“Songs” The Blinding Sound


“The Blinding Sound”

This is my first post about this particular project, or any project on the new site, so I’ll explain this series. It’s called “Songs”. The reason for that is, anyone who’s ever met me or spoken to me, for any amount of time, knows that music is an extremely important part of my life. About 90% of any day is spent with my headphones on, or around my neck. Just as important is art. Mostly drawing guys in capes punching guys in different colored capes.  That’s always been my escape, and a part of who I am.

Not too long ago a met a woman I can only describe as a muse. She not only spoke to me but my creativity in a way no one ever has. The way I looked at art changed. My other work started to feel hollow ,at the same time. I started to realize that I had something to say, and a way to say it, and I was doing nothing with it.

Before Meeting her, I was already planning on working on this project on a larger scale. It’s still going to happen, but it’ll be broken up in to smaller bite-sized pieces. This was the first attempt at a piece of art like this. I sat down to draw this piece for her, as a goodbye. I turned on my music and just started creating what I saw and felt when I thought about her. I won’t break down what this piece means to me here, because I think art Is better when the artist doesn’t tell you how the piece should make you feel. When I finished it was ,honestly, the first time I’d ever drawn something that touched me the way other peoples art can touch me. I felt something ,whenever I looked at it. I do now while looking at it up there. I captured everything I wanted to say in one image. I felt it I could hear it, It was like hearing one of my favorite songs. I wanted to create more art like this. I was already working through figuring out who I was based on past experiences. I thought, why not write “Songs” about other people who have impacted my life in other ways?

This piece it technically not part of the series. It’s more of, the inspiration to start the series. The prequel to the series. Keep watching, I’ll post pieces and links to buy prints and original art as they are available.

Here are a few pictures of the progress.

Thanks for checking it out I’ve got some really fun stuff coming soon.


“Now I’m wide open in front of the whole town I bled for the game, I guess it’s obvious now”


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